Frontend Development 

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Course Overview 

Frontend development is one of the sought-after digital skills around the world. There are thousands of jobs opening with good pay for this role. If you are looking for a career change or already making your way into the world of Software Developmemt this course will help you understand all of the key concepts and get hands-on skills. 

The CfEIntermediateSkillsTraining-Frontend development Course Contains everything you need to learn in designing and programming the user interface of a web application. It refers to Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), JavaScriptjQuery, and using JavaScript framework. It encompasses everything for building complex responsive website for web services or applications. 

This course is divided into 2 levels, the beginner and intermediate level 

The beginner level is for those who are new to the world of web programming, candidates with little or no knowledge can apply for this level. You will learn from the best and build a very good foundation on starting your career as a frontend developer. 

The intermediate level is for those with basic knowledge in web development and are looking at developing their skills, by learning, working on projects and direct mentorship with successful mentors in the industry. At the end of this course, candidates would have developed the required skill to get a frontend developer job from any part of the world.  


Course Duration

Beginner:  2 Months 

  • 7 weeks of intensive project-based learning 
  • 2 weeks of soft skills training and projects 

Intermediate: 2 Months 

  • 7 weeks of intensive project-based learning 
  • 2 weeks of soft skills training and projects 
Expected Learning Outcome

By taking this course, successful program graduates will expect to have 

  • Developed their understanding of the design process 
  • Undertaken relevant research and set a design strategy 
  • Generated ideas and developed concepts 
  • Enhanced their drawing skills for both sketching and technical drawing 
  • Collaborated with the other members of the class to complete a project 
  • Received personal feedback on their work from the instructor and an industry expert 
  • Communicated and presented their ideas through drawing and three-dimensional form 
  • Completed a range of practical tasks that apply the concepts of product design 
  • Gained an understanding of the fundamentals of design and the processes used by professional designers, and master how to apply similar techniques to their own work 
  • Produced work that can be added to a portfolio 
Prerequisite and Requirements

Prerequisites and Requirements for Basic Level 

  • A working computer, 
  •  access to internet and power supply.  
  • Grit to keep on learning 
  • Willingness to learn 
  • Must be able to commit at least 15 hours to learn each week throughout the program duration. 

Prerequisites and Requirements for Intermediate Level 

  • To succeed in this program, you need to have experience with building front-end web applications with: 
  • HTML & CSS 
  • JavaScript 
  • Git & GitHub 
  • Unix/Linux Command Line Basics 
Program Benefits

All our Intermediate Skills program offer the following benefits to selected beneficiaries 

  1. Access to Experienced Instructors  

For at least 2 hours every week, all selected beneficiaries will meet with their assigned instructor. Our knowledgeable mentors guide your learning and are focused on answering your questions, motivating you, and keeping you on track. 

2. Mentorship from Industry Experts 

Our training curriculum is demand-driven and designed in partnership with experienced mentors and partnering organizations that ensure that learning in the program is immersive and aligned with the skill needs of the real world. 

With real-world projects and immersive content built in partnership with mentors and partnering organizations, beneficiaries are sure to master the skills that employers want.

3. Career and Job Linkage Support 

Beneficiaries in the course will have access to soft skills and employability training, career coaching sessions, interview advice, and resume and online professional profile reviews to help grow in your career. 

Success program graduates will enjoy 

  • Assistance in the job search 
  • Personalized feedback and career guidance 
  • Interview preparation 
  • Resume Review 
  • LinkedIn profile optimization 

 4. Flexible and Self-Paced Learning 

Beneficiaries can learn at their own pace during the week, meet with their experienced instructors at the end of each week’s learning, and reach your personal goals on the schedule that works best for you. 

5. Certificates 

Earn a recognized certificate from the program sponsor upon your successful completion of the program and join our vibrant alumni community of successful program graduates. 

6. Three-Months Access to Pluralsight 

Beneficiaries selected for this course will enjoy 3-months free access to Pluralsight – the globally recognized technology skills platform. 

Skill Level: Beginner  

What you will learn 

Our training materials and contents are gotten from top institutions and professionals from around the World.

Lesson 1 Web Development Basics-HTML5
Lesson 2Advanced HTML Concepts
Lesson 3Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
Lesson 4Advanced CSS
Lesson 5Bootstrap Basics
Lesson 6

JavaScript For Beginners
Lesson 7Advanced JavaScript Concepts
Lesson 8 JQuery for Beginners
Lesson 9 Git and GitHub
Lesson 10Projects

Skill Level: Intermediate 

Learn Frontend Development with REACT 

What you will Learn 

React Fundamentals By learning React's component model, you'll be able to write declarative, composable user interfaces to build production-ready apps



Create a React application from scratch and utilize React components to manage the user interface. You’ll create a virtual bookcase to store your books and track what you're reading. Using the provided Books API, you’ll search for books and add them to a bookshelf as a React component. Use React's setState to build the functionality to move books from one shelf to another.
React & Redux When your app's state becomes difficult to maintain, it's time to add Redux! By learning Redux, you'll manage complicated state to build enterprise-level apps.


Would You Rather

Leverage the strengths of Redux to build a "Would You Rather" application where users are given questions and must choose one of them. You’ll build this dynamic application from scratch while combining the state management features of Redux and component model of React. When complete, you’ll be able to create your own sets of questions, choose between them, and keep track of question popularity.
React Native You already use React to build your web apps. Now, using React Native, you’ll be able to develop React applications that run on both iOS and Android devices.


Mobile Flashcards

In this project, you'll use React Native to build a mobile flashcard app. Users will not only be able to create custom cards and decks, but they’ll also be able to set up notifications to remind them to study. You’ll leverage React Native components, AsyncStorage, proper styling, as well as device APIs to create a fully dynamic experience.

Let the learning begin!

Develop the digital skill to be in  demand among top employers. 

Three Months of Project Based Learning




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