Data Analytics Specialization

Find below the details you need to know about the course path.

Course Overview 

In today’s digital, data-driven, and complex world, businesses want help to understand their data to drive insight, improved performance, and greater business and public value.  

The CfEIntermediateSkillsTraining-Data Analytics Specialization covers everything from the basic concepts of data analysis to data warehouse design and data visualization principles and will help beneficiaries learn all of the key concepts in the world of data analytics. This course will walk participants through everything they need to know to brush up on their data analytics knowledge or introduce them to every key area if they are entirely new to the subject. 

This course will also expose beneficiaries to the soft skills and data analytics practices executed in the business world. We will explore such key areas as the analytical process, how data is created, stored, accessed, and how the organization works with data and creates the environment in which analytics can flourish. 

Course Duration
  • 12 Weeks (3 Months)
  • 10 weeks of intensive project-based learning
  • 2 weeks of soft skills training and Team projects
Expected Learning Outcome
  • Become proficient in the statistical analysis of data.
  • Develop the ability to build and assess data-based models.
  • Develop the ability to apply data analysis/machine learning concepts and methods to solve problems in real-world contexts and will communicate these solutions effectively.
  • Build expertise in the most widely-used analytics and machine learning tools and technologies.
  • Receive a recognized certificate from the Coding For Employment Program as the first proof of proficiency in Data Analysis to Employers.
  • Develop the ability to independently solve business problems using analytics and data science.
  • Understand the applications and implications of data science in different industries.
  • Learn how to extract strategic business insights from data and efficiently communicate them to stakeholders.
  • Build models to predict future trends and use them to inform business strategy.
  • Build a substantial body of work and an industry-ready portfolio in data science and analytics.

Prerequisite and Requirements

Anyone can become a data analytics professional. However, there are certain skills and aptitude required:

  • Must be a graduate with at least an OND degree
  • Analytical Mind with a love for numbers and quantitative reasoning
  • Grit to keep on learning
  • Some programming experience is an advantage
  • Passion for solving problems
  • Willingness to learn
  • Must be able to commit at least 15 hours to learn each week throughout the program duration.

System Requirement:

Anyone selected for the program must have access to a laptop and a reliable internet.

  • Windows 10 64-bit version 1709 or higher
  • CPU: Intel or AMD processor with 64-bit support
  • RAM: 4 GB

Mac System Requirement

  • OS: macOS 10.13 or later
  • CPU: Intel or AMD processor with 64-bit support
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Free storage: 2 GB
Program Benefits

All our Intermediate Skills program offer the following benefits to selected beneficiaries

1. Access to Experienced Instructors
For at least 2 hours every week, all selected beneficiaries will meet with their assigned instructor. Our knowledgeable mentors guide your learning and are focused on answering your questions, motivating you, and keeping you on track.

2. Mentorship from Industry Experts

Our training curriculum is demand-driven and designed in partnership with experienced mentors and partnering organizations that ensure that learning in the program is immersive and aligned with the skill needs of the real world.

With real-world projects and immersive content built in partnership with mentors and partnering organizations, beneficiaries are sure to master the skills that employers want.

3. Career and Job Linkage Support

Beneficiaries in the course will have access to soft skills and employability training, career coaching sessions, interview advice, and resume and online professional profile reviews to help grow in your career.

Success program graduates will enjoy

Assistance in the job search
Personalized feedback and career guidance
Interview preparation
Resume Review
LinkedIn profile optimization
4. Flexible and Self-Paced Learning

Beneficiaries can learn at their own pace during the week, meet with their experienced instructors at the end of each week’s learning, and reach your personal goals on the schedule that works best for you.

5. Certificates

Earn a recognized certificate from the program sponsor upon your successful completion of the program and join our vibrant alumni community of successful program graduates.

6. Three Months Access to Pluralsight
Beneficiaries selected for this course will enjoy 3-months free access to Pluralsight – the globally recognized technology skills platform.

Course Outline 

Our training is demand-driven and designed to meet the hiring needs of employers. The outline is far from exhaustive and will be reviewed from time to time based on the feedback of the program’s employer-partners 

Introduction to Data Analysis Learn the data analysis process of wrangling, exploring, analyzing, and communicating data. Work with data in Python, using libraries like NumPy and Pandas.


Explore Weather Trends

In this project, you will get familiar with SQL, and learn how to download data from a database. You’ll analyze local and global temperature data and compare the temperature trends where you live to overall global temperature trends.

Investigate a dataset
Practical Statistics Learn how to apply inferential statistics and probability to real-world scenarios, such as analyzing A/B tests and building supervised learning models.


Analyze Experiment Results

You will be provided a dataset reflecting data collected from an experiment. Use statistical techniques to answer questions about the data and report your conclusions and recommendations in a report.
Data Wrangling Learn the data wrangling process of gathering, assessing, and cleaning data. Learn to use Python to wrangle data programmatically and prepare it for analysis.


Wrangle and Analyze Data

Real-world data rarely come clean. Using Python, you'll gather data from a variety of sources, assess its quality and tidiness, then clean it. You'll document your wrangling efforts in a Jupyter Notebook, plus showcase them through analyses and visualizations using Python and SQL.
Data Visualization with Python Learn to apply visualization principles to the data analysis process. Explore data visually at multiple levels to find insights and create a compelling story.


Communicate Data Findings

You will use Python’s data visualization tools to systematically explore a selected dataset for its properties and relationships between variables. Then, you will create a presentation that communicates your findings to others.
Data Visualization and Representation Using Power BI and Tableau. Learn how to

Discover the relationships between data through representation and visualization.

Visualize data using Matplotlib and Seaborn including working with categorical data.

Download and install Tableau and Power BI for this section.

Prepare and visualize data using Tableau and Power BI is explained with practical applications


Load a dataset and visualize the relationship between a feature and the target variable.
Understanding Machine Learning Participants learn different Machine Learning methods like supervised learning, unsupervised learning, and reinforcement learning.

Participants learn the intricacies of data preparation and feature engineering. They discover how feature selection and engineering can bring about unprecedented insight from data.

Participants learn to build and apply these ML algorithms in modeling data using Scikit-learn.
Designing Machine Learning Solutions using Microsoft Azure. Participants learn how to use Azure machine learning to create, deploy, and maintain the predictive solution in the cloud.

You will also learn how to leverage ML for a successful data analytics initiative across key components of the workflow, data pipeline, and infrastructure.

Let the learning begin!

Develop the digital skill to be in  demand among top employers. 

Three Months of Project Based Learning




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